Winners and losers 2020

We’ve seen two years. worth of digital transformation in two months.” – Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO As we get used to living almost our entire lives online,  from working to attending classes to meeting friends and family, it is not surprising that information technology has been the hottest ticket in the markets this year. Consumer discretionary, while up, tells a mixed story. Even as cruise ships remain docked onshore and hotels and airplanes go empty, the e-commerce market place is booming with activity with the likes of Amazon leading the pack Healthcare is another market that hides conflicting stories If hospitals have such high usage, why aren’t they making huge profits? Well as it turns out, treating pandemic related patients is very expensive for the hospitals. The biggest boost to their bottom lines come from surgeries. Many elective procedures have all but stopped. On the other hand, there is the vaccine and COVID treatment race which is providing the ballast in the healthcare industry The energy sector as one of the bigger losers is no surprise. The demand for oil has fallen globally by 29%. And the outlook doesn’t seem any better short term The other loser is financials. Banks make money when they lend money. And in an economy with reduced spending and induced liquidity, there is little demand for credit Data in graphic through June 10, 2020. Source: Visual Capitalis

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