Who We Are

Growth Investing

Over 30 years of experience

Who We Are

Veda Financial (VF) is a Registered Investment Advisory firm that provides customized, results-oriented Investment Management solutions focused on capital preservation and long-term growth


Veda Financial performance track record is provided upon request. The results are reported by an independent broker interactive brokers based upon our model portfolio that is tracked on their platform

How are we different

We are uniquely differentiated in the investment advisory business:

1.ResultsWe regularly publish our investment performance

2.TransparencyClients have full access to their accounts and are able to check performance, add or withdraw funds etc. anytime

3.Responsiveness: We are always available to discuss investment needs, strategy etc.

4.Active management: We actively manage client investment portfolios. We do not gather assets and turn them over to other managers, which can increase costs and affect performance

5.Financial plan: We provide complimentary financial assessment, and re-evaluate the plan as needs change

Manager Bio

Toni DasGupta is a registered Investment Advisor at Veda Financial (#173448). She has 15+ years of experience in the financial industry and has a PhD in Physics, an MBA in Finance and holds 3 technology patents. Toni served on the board of AAII American Assoc. of Individual Investors; evaluated ventures at the Tech Coast Angels; founded the Los Angeles Hedge Fund Managers group; and provided strategic investment advice to the Kiwanis Charitable Foundation.

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