Over the next decade, it is estimated that the overall number of jobs will grow by 7.7% in the US. However, the lion’s share of the growth will be in just two industries: Health care, and Technology, with 30% to 70% increases depending upon the field. As the baby boomer generation continues to consume health care, nurse practitioners and home health care workers will see a huge uptick in demand. Other professions that are expected to keep growing in popularity are Data Scientists and Statisticians. The top 5 jobs by the increase in the overall employment, are:

Home health and personal care aides 32.60% 1,129,900

Medical and health services managers 32.50% 139,600

Nurse practitioners 52.20% 114,900

Information security analysts 33.30% 47,100

Physician assistants 31.00% 40,100

Information from Visual Capitalist