Technology still rules

Technology still rules! A look at the 100 largest companies in the world shows a decided technology-loaded playing field led by Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet in the Trillion dollar club in the US. The technology sector has carved a 33% share of the top 100 companies by market cap. But this might not even be the full story. The second-largest sector is Consumer discretionary at 19% market share. The leaders in this sphere are Amazon (e-commerce and cloud) and Tesla (clean energy and autonomous driving), which one can argue are really technology play companies. The second-largest company in the world, Saudi Aramco (2T), is in the traditional energy business and has seen an uptick with the recent rise in oil demand. The top 10 companies include Berkshire Hathaway in the Financial sector, and the Chinese companies Tencent and Alibaba.

Top 10 Global Companies (by market cap)

1. APPLE INC, United States, Technology, $2.1T

2. SAUDI ARAMCO,  Saudi Arabia, Energy, $1.9T

3. MICROSOFT CORP,  United States, Technology, $1.8T

4. AMAZON.COM INC,  United States, Consumer Discretionary, $1.6T

5. ALPHABET INC,  United States, Technology, $1.4T

6. FACEBOOK INC,  United States, Technology, $839B

7. TENCENT,  China, Technology, $753B

8. TESLA INC,  United States, Consumer Discretionary, $641B

9. ALIBABA GRP,  China, Consumer Discretionary, $615B

10. BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY,  United States, Financials, $588B

Infographic from Visual Capitalist

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