Electric Vehicles on a tear

Winners and Losers 2020: The year brought together two opposing forces – an economy that continued to struggle with high unemployment, along with a stock market that would not quit! The big winners of last year were Novavax and Moderna delivering 2731% and 433% growth respectively. Vaccine approvals followed a break-neck pace of development, with anticipated manufacturing and deployment of the vaccines in numbers never seen before. A big winner of the year was Tesla, with a 745% growth solidifying its leading position in the EV market. Zoom was a frontrunner in the remote communications race. Bitcoin had a bumper second year of growth, with 303% return. One noteworthy feature for the year was the doubling of the hot IPO market stocks. The losers were predictable – travel, including the airlines and cruise lines, and the oil and gas industry saw a large downturn amidst less travel. With the expected large scale immunization of the population against COVID, and the opening up of the economy, the resurgence of the travel industry will be something to watch this year.

Source: Visual Capitalist