COVID-19 Vaccines Compare

Good news comes in threes! The Oxford University/ Astra zeneca vaccine is the third one in the last few weeks which has shown positive results from phase 3 human trials, with a effectiveness rate of about 90%. This follows closely on the heels of Pfizer’s and Moderna’s RNA based vaccines which have between 90% to […]

Please join us for our Zoom Market Update Webinar

Please join us for our Zoom Market Update Webinar this evening (info below). Elections, a Government (not) transitioning and a possible COVID second wave shut down – there is never a dull moment. Please join us for our Zoom webinar on the Markets and Economy, and 5 positive developments that we are excited about. Also, […]


As we get past the largest US election of all time, markets are positive, up 9% since elections, and up 16% year to date. In this edition, we look at the top industries and sectors that have shaped our economy and our lives over the past year and are expected to continue to be key […]

Markets during Presidential cycles

Markets during Presidential cycles: In the midst of a cliff hanger in the US elections, here is the good news. Historically, November and December have been strong months for the US markets during presidential elections The markets have been up regardless of whether a Democrat or Republican won the election We expect there to be […]

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