Who We Are

Growth Investing

Over 30 years of experience

Who We Are

Veda Financial (VF) is a Registered Investment Advisory firm that provides customized, results-oriented Investment Management solutions focused on capital preservation and long-term growth


This is the performance of a model VF stock portfolio tracked on Interactive Brokers. Results are not typical. Returns from individual portfolios will depend upon the investment objectives and other factors

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How are we different

We are uniquely differentiated in the investment advisory business:

1.ResultsWe regularly publish our investment performance

2.TransparencyClients have full access to their accounts and are able to check performance, add or withdraw funds etc. anytime

3.Responsiveness: We are always available to discuss investment needs, strategy etc.

4.Active management: We actively manage client investment portfolios. We do not gather assets and turn them over to other managers, which can increase costs and affect performance

5.Financial plan: We provide complimentary financial assessment, and re-evaluate the plan as needs change

Manager Bio

Toni DasGupta is a registered Investment Advisor at Veda Financial (#173448). She has 15+ years of experience in the financial
industry and has a PhD in Physics, an MBA in Finance and holds 3 technology patents. Toni served on the board of AAII American Assoc. of
Individual Investors; evaluated ventures at the Tech Coast Angels; founded the Los Angeles Hedge Fund Managers group; and provided strategic investment advice to the Kiwanis Charitable Foundation.

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